Tuesday, August 9, 2011


In high school, my best friend, Todd, had a Volkswagen with a gear shift and no clutch. It was a semi-automatic transmission. That's how this Z3 is going to work when it's electric. Put the gearshift in 1st and press the "gas". Then just let off and move it to 2nd.

In other news, I drilled a hole in the bottom of the gas tank tonight and drained it. Then... then... I started cutting it with the Sawz-All. Really. There's an opening in the bottom big enough to get the saw up inside and cut from there. More tomorrow.


  1. I know I'm coming to the game very late... but did anyone caution you against doing this? Gas fumes in a tank can be pretty dangerous. Just add a spark!

  2. Yeah, that little voice in my head was hard to silence!

    Seriously though, the neck had been removed for a couple of days and the tank was drained, too. The tank was made of a plastic material, presumably to reduce the risk of sparks in an accident.