Thursday, August 11, 2011

Back Together Again

Last night, I finished cutting up the gas tank and removed it. It's now in something like 20 pieces. That space might prove useful for a retractable power cord accessible from the old fuel door. The space below is open to weather, though, so it'll take more thinking.

Tonight saw the rear drive train reassembled. Now the car is off the tall jack stands and back on the ground. There are many minor things that can be done between now and Labor Day.

It's ready for Steve and Audrey!


  1. Ah, that's what I get for not reading ahead! I just commented on a post where you hadn't finished yet. Glad you got the gas tank out. If it was anything like my experience, it sucked. Congrats though.


  2. LOL, yes it did suck. Just about destroyed my saw, too. It helped to snap the blade in half before hand. That reduced the stroke and kept it from hitting good material on the other side. About 80% done with the task, I figured out The Trick. To keep the tank from sliding and bouncing everywhere while trying to cut and hold it still, I jammed trash (egg cartons and juice cartons) between the tank and the car. The rest of the task took about 30 seconds!