Saturday, August 6, 2011

Eye Opening Project

I can't help but notice that, the further I get into this project, the more I see that is new and surprising.

For example, I stumbled across, not one, but three iPhone apps that find charging stations. Huh? Really. It's not just the number of apps, but the number of charging stations. Every Nissan dealer has a free one. When was the last time you filled up for free at, say, Exxon? Wow! There are five in Hamilton ($1.44/fill-up) and others along my commute -- even homeowners are listed and welcome visitors who drop by to charge and chat.

There's also the EVDL (Electric Vehicle Discussion List), an email list with a wealth of firsthand experience and info. One guy says his wife was extremely skeptical about range and getting stranded. However, as they ran errands together and got a feel for how it all works, she eventually realized it's no big deal and even was quoted as saying that she expected they'd never buy a gas car again. Wow again.

It goes on and on and it's exciting to be headed down this path.

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