Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Battery Cleared Customs

The battery cleared customs and should arrive in the next week. Other parts also arrived recently, such as fuses, switches and fittings.

The tires on the car were winter tires. So it's getting four new tires rated for about 150MPH. Not sure the car ever went that fast and doubt it ever will. These are the same rating as the originals, plus they have low rolling resistance.

It's coming together.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Delayed But Can't Complain

Well, our experts won't be able to make it here until Sept 18th at the earliest. It's disappointing.

I really can't complain because the setback began when they had their truck stolen, along with welding equipment, electric motors and a lot of other valuable stuff. The repair shop that "forgot" to lock up has no insurance or ability to help. Overall, I am very lucky and will gladly wait.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Back Together Again

Last night, I finished cutting up the gas tank and removed it. It's now in something like 20 pieces. That space might prove useful for a retractable power cord accessible from the old fuel door. The space below is open to weather, though, so it'll take more thinking.

Tonight saw the rear drive train reassembled. Now the car is off the tall jack stands and back on the ground. There are many minor things that can be done between now and Labor Day.

It's ready for Steve and Audrey!

Tuesday, August 9, 2011


In high school, my best friend, Todd, had a Volkswagen with a gear shift and no clutch. It was a semi-automatic transmission. That's how this Z3 is going to work when it's electric. Put the gearshift in 1st and press the "gas". Then just let off and move it to 2nd.

In other news, I drilled a hole in the bottom of the gas tank tonight and drained it. Then... then... I started cutting it with the Sawz-All. Really. There's an opening in the bottom big enough to get the saw up inside and cut from there. More tomorrow.

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Progress Pics

A very good weekend. Scott and Paul came today and we saw terrific progress. We got to the clutch disc and almost got the gas tank out. I'm trying to screw up the courage to follow the latest advice and take the Sawz-All to the gas tank. It actually worked well on the filler connection. Any other advice?

Engine Before Removal

Engine Closer Up

Engine Ready

Engine Out!

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Eye Opening Project

I can't help but notice that, the further I get into this project, the more I see that is new and surprising.

For example, I stumbled across, not one, but three iPhone apps that find charging stations. Huh? Really. It's not just the number of apps, but the number of charging stations. Every Nissan dealer has a free one. When was the last time you filled up for free at, say, Exxon? Wow! There are five in Hamilton ($1.44/fill-up) and others along my commute -- even homeowners are listed and welcome visitors who drop by to charge and chat.

There's also the EVDL (Electric Vehicle Discussion List), an email list with a wealth of firsthand experience and info. One guy says his wife was extremely skeptical about range and getting stranded. However, as they ran errands together and got a feel for how it all works, she eventually realized it's no big deal and even was quoted as saying that she expected they'd never buy a gas car again. Wow again.

It goes on and on and it's exciting to be headed down this path.

The Engine Is Out

Wow! In one day, we got the old engine out. Mostly due to the expertise of Dave and Mark, this project is back on track. Simply amazing, every hurdle was easily cleared thanks to their expertise.

It's funny how empty it now is under the hood. Tomorrow's plan includes separating the transmission from the engine and sending the clutch disc to Steve. With that, he'll make an adapter plate to match the new electric motor to the transmission.