Sunday, January 22, 2012

Heater Working

I've been driving the car most days on local errands or really any excuse to get out. It hasn't been easy, though. There's been no heater. The heated seats are nice and make it bearable. This weekend, I finished building and installing the electric heater. I'll drive it into the office on Tuesday.


  1. Can I email you on some more details! I am almost ready to embark on my e540i conversion and will have many similar issues to tackle.

  2. Thanks and you bet. It's bmlcommerce at mac dot com. I had planned on a variable power control for this, but it's a gradual start and just enough heat when it steadies up. Since the hot-cold dial is already routing air, varying the electrical power is kind of a waste of time. I will be putting in a relay interlock to ensure it cannot be left on when the key is out.

    For a bigger car, I'd try to use two of the 1500W heaters