Friday, December 16, 2011

Back On The Road!

The rear suspension springs arrived today. I installed them tonight and took it for a spin. Very nice. It seems to be sitting just slightly higher than stock, but not too bad.

This picture shows the originals, on the left, and the new ones custom made by Coil Spring Specialties in Kansas.

Also, this was the first time driving with the LEDs. All of the exterior lighting is now LED. They're pretty nice and use less power. These are all from in Missouri. They're a smart choice in a regular car if all you do is replace the interior lights. That way, if someone leaves that light on all night, your battery won't be dead in the morning. Not that I would know.


  1. I'm glad to see that LED lights is becoming more available and more affordable.

  2. I did end up replacing the headlights with HID bulbs. The LEDs look perfect in every other part of the car, but the LED headlights were not bright enough. The HID use more power than LED, but less than the original.