Thursday, October 13, 2011

Street Legal

Registering a car has never been so much fun! The inspection went without a hitch and all the mechanics came around for a good look. The emissions and exhaust checks were especially fast.

To get a Clean Special Fuel plate in Virginia requires a "permanent waiver", which means a trip to Woodbridge (so an expert can declare it electric) and then writing to the state capital. The regular plates will do for today.


  1. That Clean Special Fuel plate will get you in the HOV lane, yes?

  2. Did the vibration get fixed? Too cool about the emissions inspection, what did they record? NA or zero? Is there video?

  3. I just learned today that the HOV exemption that expired last Spring is extended another year. I can't wait to get pulled over!

    Steve fixed the vibration with a tack weld on the tranny-side LoveJoy coupling. It had just a tiny wobble that no longer happens.

  4. Still waitng for national plug in day update. I went to the website but saw stuff for a car show?

  5. Well, this is the national one.

    I can't find the Washington DC page for it, though. There's a video of DC with a couple of shots and too-loud music.