Saturday, October 8, 2011

First Day as an EV

… and what a thrill! The main battery pack was charged and ready to drive when Bob arrived this morning. Wow! The car is quiet, yet surprisingly peppy. It feels like magic to accelerate so quickly and not hear the roar of an engine.

There's more to do to look into a vibration, get the power brakes powered, beef up the 12 V supply, etc. It's coming along great.


  1. You estimated the range at 100 miles.
    Google Maps estimates the distance from your house to here at 79.5 miles.

    I'm just sayin'. :-D

  2. You are cordially invited to Washington DC's celebration of National Plugin Day Sunday Oct 16th. You might score a ride in an EV if you behave and act nice.

  3. Drive in DC? Are you crazy? I'd have a stroke! Thanks, but I'll pass on that one.