Sunday, July 31, 2011

Turning The Page

Today was the last day the old engine will run in this car. I drained the coolant and the disassembly begins.

I definitely won't miss this engine or any conventional engine. A professional mechanic advised me to wear latex gloves during the work. Never did before, but many of the greases and oils cause cancer. Hmmm. I'm using gloves now. The coolant is the standard ethylene glycol, which is really toxic. The radiator stopcock valve should have been a simple turn and drain, but somehow it sprayed and spilled glycol all over the place. Maybe it was defective. Whatever. I used to enjoy working on engines a lot as a teenager, but really I just hate it now. In contrast to today's much more complex gas engine systems, the alternative is looking so clean and so much simpler.

Tomorrow, out comes the radiator and the exhaust system. I'm loving the direction that this is headed.

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