Friday, July 1, 2011

Motor Here

The electric motor arrived yesterday. It was agonizing. I was working from home (on a big deadline) and really couldn't do anything more than sign for it.

Tomorrow we're getting an engine lift. Before the old engine comes out though, the wires need to be identified. Tach sensor, tach display, instrument lights, etc.


  1. Did you do the range calcs with the batteries you intend to use? Is there enough space? Will you need to enhance the suspension for the added weight?

  2. No range calcs. While I can calculate theoretical range, my experience tells me there is no substitute for experience. :-) There are so many variables. So I'm counting on Steve and his expertise. He says 100 miles and the batteries will fit.

    I took a photo from the side and will check again after the conversion. If it is sagging in the back, I'll have the suspension adjusted accordingly.