Sunday, September 11, 2011

Charging Station Wired

OK, a "charging station" is really just an electrical outlet. There is now new conduit running from the back of the garage to a more convenient spot next to the garage door. It's 8 AWG, stranded and will be able to carry 70 amps at 240V.

It will also supply Steve's welder as he fabricates motor mounts, battery boxes, etc.

Next up: get out the old heater and replace it with ceramic.


  1. I had not thought about the heater before. Normal ones use engine coolant, but there's no coolant in an electric vehicle.

    What is the power rating of the ceramic heater?

  2. Some conversions keep the coolant version and add a box under the hood to heat a small amount of coolant. The big advantage is it's less work since you don't have to disassemble your console or dashboard to get to the old heater core. The downsides are that it costs more, is slower to warm up and there is still liquid inside the passenger area that might someday leak.

    The ceramic heater is clean and heats up instantly. It's about 1500W, the same as a typical hair dryer. In fact, some people actually use a hair dryer element.